Sonshine Wilderness Retreat (SWR) is committed to creating opportunities that will deepen a person’s understanding of God and themselves through the vastness and majesty of creation.  SWR also intends on being an active participant in meeting spiritual and physical needs of the local and global communities.


  • Encourage living out what God reveals during the retreat experience on an ongoing basis.
  • Replenish one’s spirit through reconnecting  with who we were created to be.
  • Inspire participants to embrace the fullness of their life.
  • Promote community and team work.
  • Foster good stewardship of all God’s blessings – environmental, financial, spiritual gifts, etc.
  • Break down barriers by encouraging people to step outside their comfort zone and beyond their self-perceived limitations.
  • Create (or join existing) serving opportunities for retreat participants, volunteers and staff.

    Men's Retreat - Day Hike

    Men’s Retreat – Day Hike


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