130228_Logo-FinSonshine Wilderness Retreat (SWR) has ala carte style trip programing, so SWR can customize the experience to a group’s liking. SWR will offer a variety of types of trips and each type can be customized to maximize your experience. They are Excursions (only type offered in 2015), Expeditions (offered starting in 2016), Retreats (beyond 2016), and Winter Trips (beyond 2016). Details of the various types of trips are found on the Trip Types page. Each trip can include the following components:

  • Excursions – SWR will assist your group in choosing the number and types of day excursions (See Trip Types page).
  • Spiritual Devotionals – SWR can work directly with the group leader to craft topical devotionals / spiritual activities tailored specifically for your group.
  • Meals – SWR offers a meal plan option which your group can choose from a menu and SWR will provide and cook your group’s meals.
  • Rental Equipment – SWR offers the option for your group or individuals to rent camping gear. We have top quality tents, sleeping bags and sleeping mats for rent.

It has been our experience from a group standpoint that when a group doesn’t have to worry about making meals it gives the group more time to focus on group fellowship. SWR also understands that if person is new to camping they may not have the equipment or if a group travels via air packing all the gear can be problematic so we offer top quality equipment for people to rent.

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