130228_Logo-FinBelow are some experiences from people who have been on adventures with the Sonshine Wilderness Retreat.

“…we were all standing out there and I had my arms wide open. One of my friends took a picture and after seeing that picture, I remembered thinking how little I was with the huge grand mountains behind me. I translated that to God and how I’m so small in comparison to everything else…there is so much more going on than just me…”  Click on the video below to see Renee’s full story.

– Renee from Austin, Texas


“During the time we were together we were building fires, cooking dinner and my favorite part was at the end of the day when we all sat around the fire and talked about our experiences.”  Click on the video below to see Tiffany’s full story.

– Tiffany from Austin, Texas


“I am still encouraged when I think of the mountain we climbed together…..The memory of that quiet, tranquil setting and our fireside talks, hugs…..help me get through the valley. I am so excited about the progress Sunshine Wilderness Retreat is making towards offering such experiences to others! I hope to come see you soon guys!”

– Kathleen from Diamondhead, Mississippi


“I feel closest to God and sense His presence most in nature specifically in the mountains!”  Click on the video below to see Ken’s full story.

– Ken from Austin, Texas


“I learned a lesson, it was better for all of us to get to 13,000 feet together than for one or two of us to get to 14,000 feet and leave everybody behind.”  Click on the video below to see Tim’s full story.

– Tim from Austin, Texas


“…a beautiful swallowtail (butterfly) descended on the boat…this swallowtail stayed with us after every rapid for the whole two and a half hours. For me, in this having tangible moments with God and his protection and how He walks with us are very few. It was such a powerful experience of God being with me and taking care of me while we were out on the river that day.”  Click on the video below to see Trish’s full story.

– Trish from Austin, Texas


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