Status of our effort as of early January

We have been working on what we need to incorporate in Colorado, and are currently waiting to hear if we need a physical Colorado address before we can incorporate. We also completed draft by-laws for the organization. Now we are working on a strategic plan which we will need to include in the federal 501(c)3 application, as well as drafting rough concepts of the envisioned buildings. We will soon be approaching individuals to be on the Board of Directors.

There is still a lot to do before we can start the initial phase of the ministry. We will need outside help in order to complete many of the tasks. The following tasks are where we currently need volunteer help:

– Logo/Branding: graphic artist (work with marketing person)
– Real Estate: Realtor in Colorado
– Marketing: Help with marketing strategy
– Web Designer: Create website
– Legal Help: Lawyer to review legal documents
– Architect: Review concepts and help with rough capital and construction cost estimate (required by Federal application)
– Site Engineer – To assist in evaluating a potential property
– Administrative – To assist in the paperwork necessary for the federal application.

There will be more opportunities to help, but right now this is all I can think of. We ask that you pray on these opportunities to see if your desire, gift set and time are a good match. Or if you know of someone else that may be a good fit, please let us know. CJ and I have been praying for the right people to join us on this journey.

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2 thoughts on “Status of our effort as of early January

  1. Eric Lake


    My aunt and uncle just bought property in Montrose Colorado and are moving there to spend their retirement. Where in Colorado are you looking to build your retreat? Maybe they can recommend a realtor.

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