I know this post is going to be out of chronological order with several of the future posts, but I don’t care! I just wanted to let you all know that the 501(c)3 tax-exempt Application was placed in the mail yesterday. WOW, what a long and tedious process! So now the IRS has 90 days to send us a letter to let us know one of four possible options for our application; 1) we are good to go and we have provided them with all the needed info for their review; 2) we need to make some minor changes or need to provide some addition info; 3) they are going to appoint an agent to our case to help us with some big changes; or 4) forget it. According to my conversation with the IRS, option 4 is extremely rare, so we are extremely excited about how GOD has been working in this process and about what GOD has in store for us in our next big step in this adventure!

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