Here is recent post from Pat Illingworth, in preparation for his trip.

Fuzzy Yellow Ball

My original plan for a post tonight was to start writing about my gear list (wee, fun) but instead I’m going to blog a little about Mildred Lisette Norman, a.k.a. The Peace Pilgrim.

Honestly, I had never heard of Mildred before tonight and her story is incredible. From 1953 thru 1981 Mildred (calling herself only The Peace Pilgrim) walked about 25,000 miles, crossing the US almost 7 times. She carried no food, money, sleeping gear or really anything else. She walked until someone offered her shelter, she fasted until someone offered her food (she never asked). She did it to promote peace.


In a big way this resonates with me as Mildred was the first woman to thru hike the Appalachian Trail in 1952, since I’m not sharing my gear list I will share Mildred’s: A pair of slacks, one shirt and sweater, a blanket and two plastic sheets…

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  1. I have been reflecting a lot today on Mildred’s story as the Peace Pilgrim, not that I am planning on walking across the US anytime soon but just the fact of how she did the Appalachian Trail back in the early 50’s with basically zero gear makes me realize how easy I have it today with all the ultra light high tech gear I will be carrying…

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