The latest blog from Pat in his preparation for his long hike. He hiked Walnut Creek Park in Austin, Texas.

Fuzzy Yellow Ball

Rider back! I hear that often since I take my training hikes on a popular mountain biking trail called Walnut Creek. It is pretty busy on the weekends and I get to see how well trail etiquette really works.

As a hiker I step clearly out of the way, facing the riders so they know that I know they’re coming…most appreciate and acknowledge the fact that I am making way for them…for me it’s about attitude… I don’t feel like I own the trail and that they should have to go around me. I believe that I should make way for them and this is just common courtesy, it’s respect. I mountain bike these trails too and it can be difficult to maneuver around a hiker in the middle of the narrow trail!

So while doing my hike this weekend a group of mountain bike riders passed me coming up…

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